Rapid Prototyping

In addition to 3D Solid Modelling, Research-Designs can also offer the client, a full size or scaled “Actual Model “of individual component or fully working assembly, only hours after concept approval. This is a revolutionary new technology, which greatly, helps reduce the Prototype costs, and the time to market. This process is known as “Rapid Prototyping” or “3D Printing” and it is revolutionizing the way in which Prototypes, and small run production will be produced in the future.

Rapid prototyping (RP)
We can provide access to widespread experience and knowledge of rapid prototyping. These technologies, which include fused deposition modeling, vacuum forming and vacuum casting, as well as multi-axis high speed milling, enable physical prototypes of objects to be produced and used for testing and evaluation purposes. Limited production runs can also be undertaken.

Short Production Runs
From just a few off parts for early customer evaluation to a few thousand off for low volume production, we can produce multiple part copies for customers using various processes
Using traditional tooling methods as well as epoxy and silicone tools, we can supply you with a fast and cost effective solution to your short production requirements