About research designs

Research Designs can offer complete Design Solutions using the various design mediums:


Rapid Prototyping
Geared Motor Transitions
Variable Frequency Drives
Various Electronic Systems
Automation Systems

Research Designs provides professional and friendly face-to-face service with value for money, freelance or contract product design solutions while still offering a quality professional design work every time.

To achieve quality there is a need for continuous improvement. This means your partnership with Research Designs continues even after completion of your design requirments.

We believe in the introduction of appropriate levels of automated equipment for your production environment which will deliver the lowest unit cost, best quality and the on-going flexibility you need to respond to changing customer demands.

Research Designs, to create bespoke, innovative design solutions, with the help of one of the best design software packages in the market, can reduce your projects' delivery time and improve your business market share.

From the time the first prototype is built, it is critically important it is rigorously tested, to insure it withstands all of the stresses and strains which various loads may impose on it during it’s life time.
Research-Designs will have a hands on approach to any type of testing which may be required, to insure the machine meets the design requirements for use in which it is intended.
Compliance with European Legislation on Machinery.

All equipment will be designed to comply with E.U. Declaration of Conformity which satisfies the Health & Safety requirements of 98/37/EC.

CE Documentation can also be prepared, to required Standards.